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Providing Clean, Safe, Affordable
Drinking Water since 2013

Ceramic Water Filters & Purifiers

At Coldstream we research, develop and manufacture a range of high performance ceramic water filters and purifiers. Our products are sold around the world and help to deliver healthy, safe and great tasting drinking water straight from your tap, whatever the condition of the water supply system and infrastructure. Our ceramic filters fit a range of filter systems from sleek countertop systems to systems that are hidden under your kitchen sink. They are simple to install and you can view our installation videos here.

We manufacture an extensive range of products, designed to fit our own range of both above/countertop and below/under sink models. Our filters may fit other ranges of housings but you should check with the company prior to purchase. Check out our products and you will discover new standards in water filter and purification technologies.

Under sink/Undercounter systems.  Water filtration system. Coldstream ceramic water filters for kitchen tap.
Undercounter Systems
Countertop ceramic water filtration system, connect straight to your sink tap. Coldstream ceramic water filters for kitchen tap.
Countertop Systems
Ceramic water filters for your under sink, countertop and gravity housings.  Connect to your kitchen tap.
Replacement Filters

MAX Undercounter Water Purifier

  • For great tasting drinking water
  • Healthy salts and electrolytes stay in the water
  • Maximum protection against water pollutants
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • No power required
  • Coldstream film to ensure hassle free installation
  • Removal of PFAS

Coldstream CERAMIC Filters and Purifiers Remove






Heavy Metals

Pesticides & Herbicides


but essential salts and electrolytes are maintained

Under sink/Undercounter systems.  Water filtration system.

Providing Clean, Safe Drinking Water

We make the very highest standard of drinking water filtration systems and purifiers, capable of providing the cleanest, safest drinking water straight from the tap.

Coldstream filters and purifiers are made at our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility using our unique ceramic injection moulding technology. Our business is environmentally powered by energy generated from wind power and solar panels.

We remove pollution, we don’t create it.

Coldstream Water Filtration Solutions

Coldstream water filtration systems are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit most common household situations and requirements. Our countertop models can be installed and working in minutes connecting directly to your kitchen tap, while our undercounter/ under sink model fits conveniently and discreetly out of sight.

Our Max Purifier, CTO Plus and Sentry water filters fit into all our models
(and most other leading manufacturers too). In comparison with other filters, Coldstream test results show that our products are the most effective at removing the widest range of contaminants found in water supplies, anywhere in the world and even outperform many reverse osmosis systems. Our Coldstream Max range remain our highest performing filters also removing PFAS.

Which filter is right for me?

Our Vision

To empower people to permanently remove contamination from the world’s water supply, with affordable drinking water filter systems which are harmless to the environment.

Healthy water contains
essential salts and electrolytes.
It’s important to keep these in your water whilst removing harmful or
bad tasting contaminants.


A Cost Effective Solution

Coldstream filtration systems are cost-effective, require no power, filter 100% of water used and only leave behind essential salts and electrolytes.

So if you are thinking of installing a water filtration system or already have one installed, why not go with the best ceramic filters and purifiers available by using Coldstream.

Zero-carbon Manufacturing

Our ceramic filtration units are environmentally friendly and benefit from an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Our factory is powered entirely by green energy, making use of our own solar farm and wind turbine. We constantly strive to make our manufacturing techniques as energy efficient as possible.

Scientific Testing & Verification

To ensure our products meet the highest standards, stringent testing and quality control procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process.

Performance is regularly tested and verified to the applicable standards for point-of-use drinking water filters and purifiers by an independent, third-party test laboratory, where effluent water is tested to guarantee that all contaminants have been removed.

For a detailed breakdown of our testing procedures, please see our performance data sheets for the Sentry ceramic water filter, CTO Plus ceramic water filter and the Max ceramic water filter.


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