customer comments and reviews

Thank you for the fast and reliable delivery. I am very content with the way your company handled this order. – AM

I have just ordered my first replacement Max filter for the undercounter system I had installed last summer. I wanted to let you know how impressed and delighted I am with the filter. The water tastes just great! I would have expected to pay a lot more for a system of that quality. Mr JC

I must say having dealt with “another supplier name” purchased numerous products , your customer service second to none , was very impressed with your phone etiquette ,very professional – Mr J 

Coldstream Gravity System easy to put together, nice clear instructions- didn’t need the video and up and running.  The end product is noticeable improvement on the previous water filter. – Mr CD

….. That is superb customer service …. Mr P R

I recently purchased a Coldstream abs countertop filter system to encourage myself to drink more water and to save money on water jug filters that never seemed to last beyond a few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised how the water tastes far better than the water filtered by my old water jug and the product works beautifully. Service is efficient, fast on answering my initial queries for set-up. I whole heartedly recommend this product and the filter for great drinking water. – Alex C