Filter systems – easy to install and fast access to clean water you can trust

We have designed our Coldstream water filter systems to be easily installed in the home without the need for a plumber or professional installer.

There are two types of water filtration systems to choose from, countertop and undercounter, both simply use your existing water pressure and no additional plumbing or electricity is required.

Both are available in stainless steel but the over counter models are available in stainless steel.

Both options give exactly the same excellent results, however the counter top models are quicker and easier to fit, attaching onto your existing water tap in under 15 minutes. These are often used where an immediate solution is required, by renters or tenants but also in emergency solutions, (e.g. during unexpected flood situations) where there is concern of contamination to the mains or independently ground water sourced supply. The undercounter models are less obtrusive and are slightly more complex to install, but plumbed into the existing cold water pipe in an under an hour.

Details of what contaminants we have tested for an remove can be found here: 40070-KLT-Coldstream-Filter-Performance-Data-Sheets_Max_CF504W_23.02.23.pdf (

All Coldstream water filtration systems come with easy to follow fitting instructions and all necessary brackets, pipes and fittings. Your warranty is automatically triggered on purchase so there is no need to register.