How much trust do we have in our water filters?⁠ Join Coldstream Managing Director, Stuart Morris as he collects water from the river and passes it through our Coldstream ceramic filtration system.⁠ View the video TRUST OUR FILTERS Our Sentry range of filters are designed to be a pre filter to remove sediment and should […]

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Ocean bottle promotion

March 15, 2022

Free Ocean Bottle

We are so excited to launch a new promotional campaign to reward our new customers with a thank you for purchasing a Coldstream filter system. At Coldstreamfilters we have joined up with Ocean Bottle due to our shared values and admiration for their cause. Ocean Bottle are pioneering in the world’s efforts to clean up […]

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Donation to tonga

February 11, 2022

KLT Filtration is pleased to confirm a donation of just under 500 drinking water filter systems with ceramic water filters to support the people of Tonga following the devastating volcanic eruption on January 15th, 2022. Since 2013, KLT has been manufacturing ceramic water filters in King’s Lynn and now distributes them Globally under the ‘Coldstream’ […]

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NEW Coldstream 2022 BLOGS

January 31, 2022

We are launching a series of “Coldstream 2022 BLOGS” to welcome in the New Year written by a mix of our team at Coldstream Filters and external guest BLOGGERS. This week’s BLOG is about the importance of hydration, which is timely at the start of any year there is often much discussion and resolutions made […]

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Fitting a separate hard water drinking tap is not required by regulation, except in exceptionally hard water areas (above 400mg/l) where the Sodium content of the treated water (increased due to the softening process) exceeds the level laid down in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000. Fitting a separate drinking water tap is currently […]

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