choosing the right water filter system

In our latest BLOG we talk you through the fundamentals of choosing a water filter and help you understand which product from the Coldstream range is right for you. At Coldstream we have been manufacturing ceramic filters in the UK since 2013 and our customers are based all over the world from the USA, across the UK and Europe to Southeast Asia.

Firstly, when you choose a Coldstream ceramic filter you are choosing a filter that is not only manufactured from natural (non-plastic) materials but also highly effective removing 99.9% of water borne contaminants. To ensure you can trust the filter you are using, all our filters are not only tested in our UK labs but also by third party testing laboratory’s which ensure we meet the required NSF, (42, 53) standards.

To start, there are two types of system to choose from. Firstly a ‘gravity’ system and secondly a mains ‘pressure’ based system. Gravity systems work as the name suggest using gravity to pull the water through the filters that you manually put in the top of the system filtering the water through into a base chamber. These systems are often made from stainless-steel and are relatively easy to set-up and mobile; locating on a kitchen worksurface, gym, cabin, outside home office or even on a camping trip. Our Coldstream FTO+ filter is the appropriate filter to use for gravity-based systems, (compatible with systems from Berkey and British Berkefeld). The Coldstream FTO+ removes fluoride as well as PFAS and microplastics from the water and on average these filters will last for six months and should then be changed. Set-up is around an hour.

The other system you could choose is a mains pressure system which uses the water pressure from a piped system to push the cold water through the filter. We offer two types of systems which fit our Coldstream MAX filter which is our highest performing ceramic filter which you can trust to remove 99.9% of contaminants and ensure you are drinking clean and fresh tasting drinking straight from your tap.

The first option is an undercounter system which as the name suggests is installed under the counter or under the sink, and plumbed into the mains cold water pipe. You can choose from two types of system. Either our stainless-steel system or our plastic version, the difference being more around the price you want to pay although stainless steel should be more durable and professional looking in finish. The installation usually takes around an hour and the benefits of Coldstream undercounter systems is that they are compact and discreet and do not require electricity. We recommend you change the filter around every six months and changing the filter is as simple as changing the cartridge in a fountain pen which can then be composted once the end caps have been removed.

The other alternative is our stainless-steel countertop unit where the system sits next to and is connected directly to the faucet/spout of your kitchen tap via a universal attachment included. The installation and set-up will take around ten minutes and these systems are frequently purchased but customers who require an immediate solution for clean water or are tenants/ renting a property and want to use a system that does not require plumbing in.

We hope this BLOG helps you understand which system is right for you. If you have any questions or require further guidance then please send a note via the on-line enquiry form at this link; Contact – Coldstream UK (