“WATER is ANYTHING BUT BORING”. Andrew D. Huberman.

Understanding the impact of water on your body and the benefits of filtering your tap water.

For the summer period we often recommend a reading list. This year we wanted to share a podcast on all you need to know about water and its impact on your body from a third party other than Coldstream yet a credibly recognised source. Andrew D. Huberman is an American podcaster and neuroscientist and associate professor of neurobiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

The podcast is available here is; https://youtu.be/at37Y8rKDlA . With 3.71m subscribers and over 150 different podcasts we were thrilled to see one published on the subject so close to our hearts; water. The podcast will take you on a journey on what water is, what it does for your body as well as the detail of how much water we each need to drink and when in order to optimize our mental focus and physical performance; including how exercise, humidity, heat, and caffeine affect our hydration needs.

To get straight to the piece on tap water and a very interesting commentary around drinking water filters, you can listen from 1.29 minutes.

Our previous BLOG provides a helpful overview of how at Coldstream Filters we can help you find the right ceramic water filter for your needs whether it be one you install or need to move around and travel with, whilst we commit to them being of the highest performance, (as confirmed in our data sheets and third-party NSF testing) as well as affordable and finally better for the environment than a plastic filter which needs to go to landfill.