Earth Day 2022, invest in our Planet.

The 22nd April is ‘Earth Day 2022’ and a call for private-sector innovation to drive the kind of change that we need to save our planet.⁠

At Coldstreamfilters we’re proud to be part of the solution by:⁠

– Powering our manufacturing with wind turbine and solar panels so that our carbon manufacturing process is zero carbon and highly sustainable⁠.

– Manufacturing our ceramic water filters on-site in the UK, reducing carbon footprint⁠.

– Manufacturing our filters from diatomaceous earth, a natural ingredient, rather than plastic⁠.

We hope to inspire other businesses to invest in our planet, too.⁠

Water is so precious and important for your Health and Wellbeing. With Coldstream filters you will have confidence that you are always drinking clean and fresh tasting water straight from your tap with one of our water filter systems that are also kinder to our Earth. For further details please click: OUR GREEN CREDENTIALS – Coldstream UK (

Happy Earth Day from all the team at Coldstream Filters.⁠

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