To help you with your Water purification system and water filter decision making we wanted to share a summary of the most frequently asked questions?

  1. Who is KLT Filtration Ltd and where are Coldstream water filters made?

KLT Filtration is a privately owned company based in Norfolk in the UK. The Company has been developing water filtration solutions since 2013. All filters are manufactured in the UK and tested internally in our on-site laboratory’s whilst also tested by third parties to ensure certification to the required NSF standards. Coldstream is the brand and we have developed a range of water filtration systems for use in residential, domestic, off-grid as well as commercial applications. Our ceramic filters are the result of years of development and include patented technology and contamination removal that we are extremely proud of. One of our key values is transparency, and we are happy to share our data sheets which illustrate the effectiveness of our filters. You can find them at this link: Performance datasheets – Coldstream UK (

  1. How do I know if Coldstream purification systems and filters are any good?

Our filters and systems are the result of years of testing and development and manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom. Our filters are made from ceramic and a carbon media and the result leading edge contamination removal, rather than just reduction. We receive feedback from the industry and directly from our consumers that our testing is some of the most comprehensive in the Global water filtration market. We are confident in the performance of our filters and understand that in choosing Coldstream you are relying on us for clean, potable fresh tasting drinking water. To help confirm the quality and effectiveness of our filters, please read through some of our Trustpilot reviews here; Coldstream Ceramic Water Filters Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

  1. What customer service and support do you offer at Coldstream?

When you buy a Coldstream water filter your warranty is automatically activated, whilst if you live in the UK we offer free delivery. You can send us any questions about which system to buy or filter to use through our customer service enquiry link. We are here to help and support; Contact – Coldstream UK (

  1. What contaminants do Coldstream Filters actually remove?

At Coldstream depending on the filter you use, we test for over 70 contaminants. This ranges from Heavy metals including lead and mercury, particles, fluoride, bacteria, chemicals such as nitrates and nitrites, chlorine and chloramine. Viruses e.g., rotavirus, pesticides, and herbicides (including DDT) and pharmaceuticals. Oh and PFAS and micro-plastics! The good news is that unlike other technology such as reverse osmosis Coldstream filters do not remove healthy salts and electrolytes which are important for your body’s health. When you visit the filter pages in our website you can find a more detailed description for each filter. Our Coldstream FTO+ gravity filter is our leading filter for Fluoride removal and the Coldstream MAX filter, our leading mains pressure, (under the counter or counter top) for highest contaminant removal from across our range.

  1. How long do Coldstream Water Filters last?

This is a harder question to answer, in general it depends on two key points. Firstly, the quality of the water going through the filter and secondly the volume of water. From testing, our filters life is generally around six months following regular daily use. Our MAX filters include a patented technology which is a blue outer ceramic layer. Once this layer has been removed through cleaning the filter and the white ceramic layer underneath is exposed then it is time to change your filter. Once you have finished with your filter, the good news is you can then remove the plastic end caps and place in your recycling and then compost the used ceramic filter, so it does not need to go to landfill.

  1. How and where do I install a Coldstream Filter system and how long does it take?

We offer two types of Coldstream ceramic filter. Firstly, a gravity filter, (the FTO+) which fits a gravity water purification system. These are circular water tanks which often sit on a counter-top usually in a kitchen but also increasingly are used off-grid, in cabins and in the outdoors for camping and RV life, as they require no electricity and are easy to transport. The water passes through a top chamber into a base chamber via the filters by gravity. Second are pressure-based systems which use mains water pressure to push the water through the ceramic filter, these do also not require electricity nor do they waste water like more expensive reverse osmosis systems. You can choose between a stainless-steel counter-top system which can be installed in around 10 minutes as it attaches straight to the tap/faucet. Alternatively, an under-counter system, (we offer both stainless steel and recyclable plastic options) that fit discreetly under your sink and can be installed in around an hour, a plumber is not essential but recommended. Videos on how to install and use all our Coldstream systems are available here; (1) A short film about Coldstream Water Filters, removing 99.9% of contaminants and saving you money. – YouTube

We hope the above helps you in choosing Coldstream Water filters for seriously reliable clean and fresh drinking water. For any further questions you can contact us here; Contact – Coldstream UK ( And yes – we offer Free shipping to all our UK based customers.