Over the last few weeks we have experienced more enquiries from around the world requesting details about our Coldstream ceramic filter for use in gravity systems, here we tell you all about it.

At Coldstream we offer both gravity and mains pressure ceramic water filters. Mains pressure filters work with the water pressure from your domestic house system and are a great solution as a residential point of use filter that can be installed using our under-counter (under the kitchen sink) systems in around an hour, or if you choose the counter-top version then in around ten minutes. The counter-top system is more popular with tenants, renters or for caravans and mobile homes where a more flexible solution is desired.

The “Coldstream FTO+” gravity filter is suitable for use in gravity fed systems and is compatible with British Berkefeld and Berkey Stainless Steel housings. Quite simply it is gravity that forces the water through the filter and is then available using the tap towards the base of the stainless steel/ plastic drum. The FTO + water filter is made up of two key components. Our specially formulated and unique ceramic outer layer, which gives maximum protection against bacteria and removes all particles and microplastics. The inside consists of our black granulated carbon media.

This filter protects against fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals and more. Install an FTO + filter in your gravity system and you’re guaranteed safe, healthy drinking water with a great clean taste. Ideal for use in the home, off-grid units and also used in the field and by international relief organisations.

The benefits

  • 100% manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Ensures great tasting drinking water
  • Independently tested and certified: NSF /ANSI 42, 53
  • Healthy salts and electrolytes remain in the water
  • Maximum anti-bacterial protection
  • The most efficient chemical contaminant protection
  • Compatible with the Berkey and British Berkefeld Gravity Systems
  • No electricity or power required
  • With a capacity of 1500 litres, should last around 6 months, (based on 4 people using daily at around 2 litres per person)

To review further and purchase; Ceramic Water Filter FTO Plus for Gravity Filter System (CF163W) (coldstreamfilters.com)