Ceramic Water Purifiers about to be fired in the Kiln.

We recently carried out a Coldstream customer research survey to ensure that we have the latest customer feedback and an up to date understanding of needs and ideas to support our future product development. This is extremely important to us, as we aim to be customer focused and develop future product innovation and solutions that will deliver against our purpose of permanently removing contamination from the world’s water supply, with affordable drinking water filter systems which are harmless to the environment.

Our BLOG has been quieter than usual over the past few weeks due to some market visits but will return to the previous level when we have relevant and useful content and news to share with you.

We have been privileged to travel around some of our key markets around the world so that we understand the latest needs and requirements of our customers and ensure that we are aware of how the market is developing in water purification solutions.

Innovation in this product category can take time due to the rigorous testing required; however our R&D and engineering teams are not just focused on enhancements to our existing product range but also working on pioneering future filter and water purification systems.

We have visited all our key markets across the US and South East Asia including Australia where we met with a Globally renowned ceramicist who has developed beautiful handmade water purifiers that use our Coldstream filters. We discussed the latest trends in ceramic technology and water purification and were inspired by the approach to continuously develop new designs and formats based on different customer requirements.

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