water solutions for living off-the-grid

The “off-grid” movement continues to gain pace Globally, recently fuelled by various dynamics falling-out of the Covid 19 Pandemic. From people seeking more remote lifestyles to adventures and escapes away from the city, or simply time away from tech. We are seeing more requests for solutions that will help people to live when not directly connected to a mains electricity and/ or municipal water supply.

We like “Off the grid: Houses for Escape” by Dominic Bradbury which is not only inspirational but provides practical advice on off-grid architectural design and technology. There are numerous other sources and then actual structural solutions such as The Tiny House Co, What is Off-grid Living in the UK? (thetinyhousing.co). In this BLOG we will focus on our Coldstream solution for off-grid living, or spaces where you either have a piped water supply. Or, even more likely, a greywater tank or source which is probably raised above ground level so that water pressure is created by gravity.

However, for off-grid living where there is no piped water source, a gravity-based water purification system (“counter top unit”) will be required. At Coldstream, we offer the FTO Plus Ceramic Water Filter FTO Plus for Gravity Filter System which is suitable for use in the leading stainless steel gravity systems. The Coldstream FTO Plus ceramic water filter is made up of two key components. Our specially formulated and unique ceramic outer layer, which gives maximum protection against bacteria and removes all particles and microplastics. Inside consists of our black granulated carbon media. This filter protects against fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals and more. Install a FTO Plus filter in your Gravity system and you’re guaranteed safe, healthy drinking water with a great taste. This filter is for use in the home, off-grid units and used in the field and by international relief organisations.

Where you have a piped water supply, we would recommend our new Coldstream undercounter water purifier Undercounter Water Purification System and Filter which we launched in May as a great value for money version of our hugely popular but more expensive premium Stainless steel under-counter system. The new Coldstream undercounter water filter system is practical and unobtrusive and made from recyclable PET plastic. Each system is supplied with our MAX filter, housing, fixing and wrench. A plumbing kit is also available to purchase (CP653E) for installation to a 15mm pipe. One Coldstream Max water purifier with outer ceramic replacement indicator will provide at least six months (c.10,000 litres) of clean, great tasting drinking water.

Lastly, we had to share this off-grid hot tub that we came across from “Gardenvity”, somewhat of a luxury but if you’re going off-grid permanently then it might well be worth saving up for!

We hope this BLOG provides some direction on the options available for off-grid living, enabling potable drinking water supply from Coldstream. We are here to help and answer any questions so please contact us via the on-line enquiry form with any questions.

Here in the UK it looks like the Summer sun and warmth will remain for a good few weeks yet as Autumn then approaches; wherever you are, if you’re outside in the great outdoors we hope you enjoy each and every moment!