what we do best: providing you with safe and clean tasting drinking water, and saving you money

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You can trust us and save money (and the environment) versus buying bottled water.

We wanted to write an article focusing on what we do best and help our new customers understand the important facts around why Coldstream filters can be trusted to provide you with clean and contaminant free drinking water. Additionally, why during this time of cost-of-living crisis it makes sense to switch from buying bottled water to using a water purification system in your kitchen.

How do our filters work?

The carbon media in our filters works on the principle of adsorption to remove chemicals and heavy metals. This is a process whereby chemicals are attracted to the surface of carbon media through entrapment and weak ionic forces. If you think of a postage stamp representing the chemical and a football as the particle of carbon media, then initially the chemicals have a large surface area to attach to. As the volume of water and therefore the chemicals continue to flow over the available surface area of the football it reduces until it is totally covered at which point the filter stops working. As the available surface area reduces the removal rate in terms of % drops off until media is coated with the contaminant and the removal rate is 0%. 

All adsorption filters work in the same way. We use a range of propriety carbon-based media and other non-leaching chemicals so that the adsorption performance of the material is optimised. Some filter companies use ionic resins which chemically react with some of the chemicals in the water and can produce by-products which are deposited in the water. We have tested some of these, such as alumina, and they do not match the performance of our media and our media does not leave by-products in the water. As far as we can tell having tested most of the drinking water filters currently on the market and also comparing their published performance, our filters are the highest performing filters on the market in their field. We continue to develop the technologies we use to ensure we are pioneering in the market. You can find third party tested to the required NSF standards product data sheets confirming removal of contaminants including PFAS and micro-plastics under the “filter buying” section of the website.

Saving you money, (and the environment).

Coldstream Filters can also help you to save money. ‘Our filters are rated at up to a 10,000-litre life and typically cost up to £35 for the MAX, (our best seller). So clean water costs less than 0.5p per litre, compared with the typical 35-40p per litre for bottled water. A family of four drinking the (UK) government-recommended two litres of water each per day will consume at least 2,920 litres of water per year. That would cost £1,022 if sourced from bottled water, but £10.22 if using one of our filters.’ It has never made more sense to ditch bottled water and filter what’s coming through your tap. All our products come automatically with their warranty, so you don’t need to worry about having to register them.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that our customer Trustpilot reviews for this year confirm that at 4.5 we have the highest trust rating in the water purification category and well above the average of 3.9. Thank you to all our existing customers for the constructive feedback and comments.