We are committed to developing products true to our vision and purpose: “to empower people to permanently remove contamination from the world’s water supply, with affordable drinking water filter systems which are harmless to the environment”. When choosing to purchase and use Coldstream filters, you are removing contaminants from the water cycle and reducing pollution by choosing to drink naturally filtered water rather than use plastic mineral water bottles, which although are increasingly recyclable the majority still end up in our oceans, surrounding environment and landfill.

Our filters are manufactured on-site in the UK, powered by our wind turbine and solar panels meaning that our carbon manufacturing process is zero carbon and highly sustainable. Our ceramic filters originate from diatomaceous earth, a natural ingredient and unlike the many filters on the market are not manufactured from plastic or synthetic materials. Our R&D team are focused on transitioning our existing product range and working hard on developing and pioneering our future filter innovation to deliver against circular economy principles which are truly harmless to the environment.

We are aware that in the current environment it is common for every business and brand to be making claims surrounding the topic of sustainability, climate change and the impact on our environment, if you have any questions about what we do and our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.