Stainless steel countertop system with max purifier

Coldstream countertop system kitchen tap water filter kits contain all that is required to enjoy great tasting trusted clean water, removing contaminants detailed here: 40070-KLT-Coldstream-Filter-Performance-Data-Sheets_Max_CF504W_23.02.23.pdf (

The filter housing and taps are made from 304 grade stainless steel. The system is supplied with all the necessary pipes and connectors required to attach to any standard water tap with a 22mm or 24mm aerator.

Due to set-up only taking around 15 minutes, the system is often used when a fast solution is required where there are concerns around contaminants from the mains supply or independent ground water source and are popular in emergency situations and by renters, tenants.

Your first filter is included and lasts on average for 6 months, dependent on the quality and volume of water used. Product warranty is automatically activated when purchased.


  • Freestanding housing unit made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel with spout that rotates and swivels to fit neatly by your sink
  • Stainless steel connectors and white plastic connection hose attaches to a standard tap with a 22mm or 24mm aerator.
  • Stainless steel adaptor for different tap sizes
  • One Coldstream Max water purifier with replacement indicator that will provide at least six months (3000L) of clear, great tasting water
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The Coldstream MAX water purifier provides the ultimate in protection against water pollutants, waterborne viruses and delivers great tasting water too.



The Coldstream MAX water purifier has three important components which make the Coldstream MAX purifier the best possible protection protection against all waterborne pollutants, including removal of PFAS:

  1. The black carbon inner core protects against chemical contamination, this includes pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.
  2. On the outside is our unique, high performance ceramic outer layer which gives maximum anti-bacterial protection and also removes micro-plastics and particles.
  3. Finally we add a duck egg blue coating, which has antimicrobial properties, this helps to eradicate any waterborne viruses.


  • For great tasting, safe drinking water
  • Healthy salts and electrolytes stay in the water
  • Maximum protection against water pollutants
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • No power required
  • Removes all PFAS