We manufacture a range of ceramic water filters using specially developed manufacturing techniques and unique ceramic formulas to create products that are the most effective at removing the widest range of contaminants found in water supplies.

We use the latest analytical techniques to study and analyse the performance characteristics of our ceramics. The knowledge and expertise gained by using this equipment has also given us the capability to microengineer our filters for maximum efficiency.

Our stringent quality control procedures ensure that all Coldstream water filters consistently deliver and perform to the highest manufacturing standards.

coldstream testing.jpg
coldstream inspecting samples.png

Inspecting samples of the completed filter ensures that the ceramic meets the performance required and expected

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) magnified up to 30,000x to see the surface topography of the microstructures that make up our filters.


Testing and verification

To ensure our products meet the highest standards, stringent testing and quality control procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process. 

Performance is regularly tested and verified to the applicable standards for point-of-use drinking water filters and purifiers by an independent, third party test laboratory, where effluent water is tested to guarantee that all contaminants have been removed. 

For a detailed breakdown of our testing procedures, please see our performance data sheets for the Sentry Ceramic Water Filter, CTO Plus Ceramic Water Filter and the Max Ceramic Water Purifier